'support, coaching and assistance to achieve enhanced financial wellbeing'

moneyAssist™ provides confidential counselling, coaching and assistance to achieve enhanced financial wellbeing. Financial issues can occur at many points in our work and life journey  getting married, buying or selling a home, taking time away from work to care for family, unplanned emergency expenses, transition to retirement and reduction in hours or redundancy.

We have seen a 191% increase in the number of employees presenting with financial issues in the past three years, and our moneyAssist™ team understands the pressure that financial concerns can create. Financial pressures impact not only the individual but also their family, their workplace and the community. moneyAssist™ offers support in an easy to understand manner drawing on practical planning and tools. It also provides support for crisis situations.

The moneyAssist™ service is provided by telephone and does not make product recommendations or promote any financial organisation or approach. It is a coaching service to build understanding, awareness and a plan to move forward.