'coaching and support for managers to effectively deal with workplace issues'

managerAssist® provides confidential coaching and support for managers in dealing with the people issues that present on a regular basis. This can be around a broad range of issues such as performance, conflict, communication, individual or team behaviour.

The coaching is provided by a highly experienced team of managers who have expertise in the full range of people-management issues. This service provides a sounding board, coaching on specific issues or direct advice on issues such as mental health concerns for an employee, with the primary goal being to generate positive and practical strategies and solutions.

Our managerAssist® service is generally provided by telephone or video, however it can be provided in a face-to-face setting if preferred. The role of the service is to provide recommendations and options to the manager, while the manager remains in control of handling the situation at hand.

managerAssist® is an unlimited service and is available to all managers and team leaders.

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