EAP Essentials™

"Assisting small businesses to enhance the wellbeing of their employees"

Over many years working closely with small and medium size businesses, DTC has acquired specialist understanding of what those businesses values and require from an EAP.

We understand that from an employee perspective, your EAP needs to have visibility, be easy to access and most of all provide high quality counselling and support at convenient times and locations.

EAP Essentials™ provides support and coaching for employees so they can navigate the challenges that are part of the normal work and life journey.

New Customer Enquiry Organisation

If you are an organisation and wish to make an enquiry about accessing EAP services please complete our New Customer Enquiry Form.

If you have received a proposal from the EAP Essentials™ team and you are ready to proceed with the program setup and implementation, please complete the New Customer Setup Form to submit your company information and select a start date for the program.

For individual counselling requests please complete our Counselling Request Form. Or, contact the EAP centre on 1300 360 362 or eapcentre@davcorp.com.  

What is included in the EAP Essentials™ program?

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employeeAssist® provides access to solution focused counselling and coaching to deal with work and life issues. Employees and family members can access the service confidentially by calling DTC 24-hours-a-day for:

  • Face-to-face counselling
  • Telephone counselling
  • Secure video counselling

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managerAssist® is an unlimited service and is available to all managers and team leaders. The role of managerAssist® is to provide support and coaching around a broad range of people issues.

The service is generally provided by telephone or video, however it can be provided in a face-to-face setting if preferred. 

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moneyAssist™ is a financial counselling service provided as part of the DTC EAP. moneyAssist™ provides information, support and resources to deal with issues of concern, as well as offering early access to financial expertise to prevent money issues developing into major problems.

One session of moneyAssist™ is provided to all employees and their immediate family members.

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DTC is focused on providing support through a range of tools - not just through EAP counselling alone. That is why we have created our eapdirect® extranet service.

eapdirect® is a comprehensive information source, hosting hundreds of articles, self-assessments, videos, podcasts, infographics and financial learning games and modules. 

                                                         Click here for more information on                                                                     eapdirect®